Closure of One Person Company

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Closure of OPC

All you need to know

If an OPC is no operation for more than one year from the date of incorporation then the owner may apply for strike off the company under the normal procedure or Fast Track Exit (FTE) scheme of the MCA. If not so it can be closure voluntarily or by the order of the Tribunal. As even though it’s no operation it is compulsorily required to file all regulatory compliances and regular returns punctually, unless it has filed the strike off documents with the concerned ROC. Hence it is better to file for the strike off, so the members of the company are relived from fulfilling the legal and regulatory compliances.


Closure of OPC Fees


17999 (All Inclusive)
  • Wind up a company with no transactions since incorporation
  • One year annual filing of forms
  • One year Income tax return


21999 (All Inclusive)
  • Wind up a company with NIL Transactions
  • One year annual filing of forms
  • One year Income tax return


27999 (All Inclusive)
  • Wind up a company with Transactions of upto Rs. 100 Lakh
  • One year annual filing of forms
  • One year Income tax return

How to Closure of OPC

Closure of Private OPC Process in 5 steps
  • 1. Complete a checklist
  • 2. Verification of Documents
  • 3. Application of Strike Off
  • 4. Processing of application
  • 5. Receive acknowledgement

List of Documents for Closure of OPC

Our mission is to offer excellent support to our client in respect of all the legal compliances on affordable rates. Have a look at the list of documents required to avail this service.

Documents of Shareholders/Directors
  • A statement regarding pending litigations, if any involving the company
  • The company must provide NOC for closure from creditors, if any
  • NOC for closure to be obtained from Income Tax Department, SEBI, RBI, etc. if relevant
Company Related Documents
  • Company’s MoA – AoA, Certificate of Incorporation, PAN card and other registration certificates
  • The financial statement of the Company for the most recent year, prepared prior to 30 days of filing the application
  • Details whether the company has been operative for any period. If yes, since when the operations are discontinued.

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