Change Company Name

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Change Company Name

All you need to know

The name of a company may have to be changed for a number of causes including modification of objective of the business, change of management, rebranding, etc.


As per Section 13 of the Companies Act 2013, The name of a company can be change by passing a special resolution in general meeting and receiving approval from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

Company Name Change Fees


12999 (All Inclusive)
  • Company Name Change(Private Limited)


19999 (All Inclusive)
  • Company Name Change(Public Limited)

Details of Company Name change

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Conduct Board Meeting

The suggested name will be discussed by the directors of the Company. Notice of seven days is issued to the directors to conduct the board meeting to pass the required resolution for the approval of name change. Following resolutions are passed in a board meeting

Check The Name Availability

To authorize the Company Secretary or Director to apply ROC for confirming the availability of name selected.Company will check that name for its availability through MCA. It can be checked whether the same name is registered as a trademark or as a company from the drop-down menu of “Public Search of Trademark” and “Check Company Name”.

Apply Online For Name Approval

In this, company is changing its name so need to attach the board resolution for authorizing the same as an attachment to this form. Afterward thorough scrutinizing the application, ROC either approves the name or puts it to resubmission. The name approved by ROC remains valid for 20 days from such approval.

Conduct Extra-Ordinary General Meeting

After the name is approved by ROC and name approval letter is received by the Company, will call and convene the EGM to pass the necessary Special Resolution for approval of name change and making amendment to MOA & AOA.

Filing With ROC

Within 30 days of conducting EGM file the special resolution with ROC in form MGT-14.

Approval Of Central Government

Company has to take the approval of the Central Government for the name change and modification in MOA by filing form INC- 24. Copy of minutes of EGM in which the Special Resolution was passed shall be attached to this form.

Issuance of the Certificate of Incorporation

Upon being entirely satisfied with the application and the accompanying documents, the ROC shall issue the new Certificate of Incorporation, reflecting the change in name.

List of Documents for Company Name Change

Our mission is to offer excellent support to our client in respect of all the legal compliances on affordable rates. Have a look at the list of documents required to avail this service.

Documents of Shareholders/Directors
  • Directors and Shareholders list
  • Proposed Name in order of preference.
  • DSC of authorized director
Registered Company Related Documents
  • Board resolution certified copy
  • Incorporation certificate of company
  • MOA and AOA

How to Name change of Company

Name Change Process in 5 steps
  • 1. Complete a checklist
  • 2. Submit Document
  • 3. Availability of the name
  • 4. New certification of company incorporation
  • 5. Receive Acknowledgement

FAQs On Name Change of Company

Get answers to all your queries
  • Consent from Board
  • Consent from the members of the company
  • Approval from concerned ROC
  • Approval from Central Government

Yes, you can check the availability of name by yourself on MCA website

Yes, ROC is issue new certificate of incorporation after approval of all documents.

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